One Variant for All!

I translate into Modern Standard Arabic. The variant that can be understood by all Arabic speakers, from the ocean to the gulf!

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BA in Translation

I studied English literature and translation for four years in unversity and I obtained my BA in 2007 to start my translation career afterwards.

MITI, ATA & ISO Qualified

I am ITI certified since February 2016 and ATA associate member since 2013. I am also ISO 17100 qualified translator since August 2020.

Fully Equipped

No need to convert your files to make them translatable. I will help you through the entire process to have your final files translated and read-to-go.

Abdelhalim Zeid

ISO 17100:2015 Qualified Translator | ATA Associate Member | ITI Certified

Best Practices for the Best Quality Control’s Process

I follow the best practices for an effective testing and quality assurance implementation. I start with analyzing the files to put the best schedule to meet your turnaround. I consider the time specified for reviewing and linguistic check prior to delivery. I rely on Arabic experts to review my translation before I hand it back to my clients only if the NDA permits.

Flexibility and Varieties

I will customize the process according to the clients’ needs.

Building a Team of Experts

Some of my regular clients ask for a team of experts to meet the output they need for a certain project. Setting up a team happens upon request.

Translation Services According to ISO 17100:2015 Standards

Some of my long-term clients